The League: Ditch The Games & Date Intelligently

With an incredibly long waitlist, subscription fees, and LinkedIn as a requirement, you might be wondering why The League, a dating app that has been portrayed as elitist, is such a popular option among career-oriented and attractive singles. The main draw, it removes the gamification that regular, free dating apps come with and instead focuses on efficient, high-quality dates that emphasize matching individuals on high dating standards like ambition, education, and religion. In this article, we will explore the registration process, the features, and what you can expect from an app that promises to deliver more than just a pretty face.

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What Does The Registration Process Look Like?

Unlike other dating apps, where you just download the application and register right then and there, The League has an entire screening and approval process that you must go through first. This works by giving The League access to both your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. According to the FAQ section of The League’s website, they require access to your Facebook to get information like your current city, hometown, interests, and photographs while they use LinkedIn to block your co-workers from seeing you on the app and to verify who you claim to be via your educational background. You will also be asked to upload at least six photographs of yourself.

Once you have applied to the application, you will be put on a waitlist, which can take weeks to months before you get accepted or denied as the entire screening process is done by humans. If you purchase the non-refundable membership fee up front, this process can be sped up for you. Although the waitlist may seem annoying or difficult to bypass, it is used to ensure that there is an extra level of demand and to preserve the quality of the community. Approval is determined by several factors which include your attractiveness, professional success, and how interesting you and your lifestyle is.

What Type of Features Can You Expect From The League?

  • A high-quality but smaller dating pool that features no fake profiles and ambitious, attractive, and driven individuals.
  • A concierge system that offers real-time technical support. This individual can be accessed through your friend’s list and can help you optimize your browsing experience and even help you maximize your profile. This individual is a real-life user, which contributes to The League’s intelligent tagline.
  • An interface the looks and feels familiar to other popular dating apps. The layout and topography are elegant, thoughtful, and incredibly nice to look at and easy to navigate.
  • You get three to five matches per day. Three for free users and five for those who subscribe. The idea here is to have you carefully consider everyone whom you get matched with.
  • You can boost your profile visibility by purchasing a temporary boost which increases your chance of getting matched.
  • The messaging interface is very similar to other dating apps, which will help with ease of use.
  • Matches expire after 21-days.
  • Your profile is only seen by those who match your preferences. Say goodbye to creepers.
  • You can set ultra-specific preferences like religion, education, and even height restrictions.
  • You will never come across a fake profile.
  • Those who do not log in or are active after two weeks are kicked from the app. This means you are not going to come across “flaky” individuals. These individuals must pay a one-time fee to have their profile reinstated.
  • The dating app does host mixers and events for those who want some real-life fun in addition to chatting and matching with others.
  • You will receive excellent customer service.

What Security or Privacy Options Can I Expect?

Unlike other dating apps, The League is upfront with their privacy policy. If you head on over to their FAQ section or read the terms of service through their dating app, you’ll see that they are very clear about the fact that they collect your data and use it to create your profile. Unfortunately, what they are unclear about are the steps they take to ensure that your personal information is completely secure and private. This note can be found under section six in their terms of service, entitled “how we protect your personal information,” but beyond this, their privacy policy is very clearly outlined and easy to follow.

So What Is The Final Verdict Of This Dating App?

Although there are a few cons with the dating app like expensive paid membership options, a long screening process, and the small number of matches per day if you can get in and you value ambition, drive, and intelligent matches, then it is worth the price. For most individuals who match on the dating app, tend to hit it off and go out on multiple dates. Just make sure to pick flattering images of yourself and commit to being active on the app!