Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App Review

Brief introduction

Coffee Meets Bagel dating app was launched in 2012 by three sisters in Sans Francisco. This dating app caters to quality rather than quantity and was established on this basis. The three sisters wanted to tackle the casual dating dilemma that had taken over the online dating market which was saturating due to casual connections and endless swiping.

It’s available on both iPhone and Android. To elevate the dating quality for its members, CMB introduced a #Ladies Choice customized service. Men will receive Bagels which they will have to pass or like less than 24 hours. Bagels are matches. The men who are interested are curated by CMB for women who can be potential matches.

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Coffee Meets Bagel has a model that works on curating people who are your friend’s friend via Facebook mutual friends feature. This way a sort of familiarity is established amongst the potential matches and this gives way to forming even deeper relationships. There are approximately 400,000 members per month and the app has achieved 120 marriages or engagements so far. The gender proportion in the dating app is not equal with 60% females and 40% males. In a survey conducted it was reported that women look first for physical attraction, then intellect then age and men look for physical attraction, then interest and intellect in that order.

Coffee Meets Bagel app

Registration process

Coffee Meets Bagel is only available on Google and in the App Store and doesn’t have a mobile website and desktop. Signing up is easy. After downloading the dating app on your smartphone the app takes you along steps to create your profile. First, you need to provide basic information like height, age, ethnicity, occupation, education and religion. Then you need to tell a bit about yourself like in any other dating app by completing these phrases “I am …”, “I appreciate when my date …” and “I like”.

Since matches are found through your friends of friends on Facebook you are required to authenticate your account by logging in through Facebook. You can automatically take 9 photos from there. A Facebook account is necessary to access this dating app. Upon signing up you will get free bean by just logging in.


Men have 24 hours to pass or like a woman and women get up to six matches every day. CMB provides potential matches to women who do not get their photo liked by 6 men. You can get matches that are based on people available from different cities as the app doesn’t have much reach as of yet since it is comparatively new to the dating site business. You can only chat with a certain person up until seven days, after that the chatting option expires.

Another thing for women is that they are presented with matches who have given them a like so the probability of finding your potential love interest increases. There is also a chat room available and users can send free messages to anyone and everyone. There’s a Discover tab that gets refreshed every noon so new Bagels appear every time however it’s also a possibility that they may disappear forever.

One thing interesting about Coffee Meets Bagel to enhance its quality is that members are encouraged to write three pieces about themselves which are not for the public to see but rather for members who get connected. It’s sort of like an icebreaker to get the conversation starting and moving.

Before connecting, most of the basic information is available for other members but they can’t see the names of the other members, this to ensure privacy of the apps users. something unique about CBM is that the details you have to provide about yourself is more in depth and detailed as compared to other dating apps. This is a good method to help people start a conversation with each other. However, a person can put up a fake profile to attract people. To this, CBM has itself told that things like these happen. People put up false information on their profiles like increasing the level of education than they actually have and when these people communicate they have disjointed grammar. There’s a CBM community which can vote for people who want to get their profile picture compared and selected so that they can put up the best one.

CBM, however, does take measures to ensure privacy like not showing the names of its members publicly. You also can not search the name of another member manually. The algorithm decides whom to match you with. Another thing to note is that profiles are presented in such a way that there’s emphasize more on occupation and education. This says a lot about what the app prioritizes and that is professionalism.


The app is designed in such a way that it’s relatively easy to get a date, you aren’t bombarded with unwanted messages and the matches aren’t overwhelming. Women are more than men on this app with 60% females. It also takes care of its user’s privacy by not making it accessible to search a certain person and to hide the user’s name. Another advantage for women is that they get 6 matches every day so it’s not time-consuming and you get matches from people you like. Premium membership obviously has its own benefits. You can see how active a match has been on the app and whether your message has been read or not.


The app, in a way, limits the number of people you can meet as it exercises some control on that. Also, matching is based on age, ethnicity, religion, distance, and height so the matching algorithm isn’t very smart.

A disadvantage by using Facebook is that you can matched up with people whom you have unfriended or your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. Facebook friends of friends don’t ensure that you’ll get a match with mutual interests. Also, the user pool is relatively small since the app is new and hasn’t reached Tinder level popularity.