7 Best Elite Dating Apps You Must Try (2019)

Dating apps are a great way to meet new people, find others interested in dating, and maybe even create a long-term relationship in the end. There are a lot of dating apps out there, so it can be difficult to find the best elite singles apps that weed out fake accounts, scammers, and people who just don’t meet certain dating criteria.

It is especially hard to find proper matches on dating apps when you have certain preferences, whether you’re interested in only finding people within your same wealth bracket, people who are genuinely looking for long-term commitment, or any range of factors. To put it simply, there are a lot of dating apps out there which are mostly comprised with fake reviews or, at best, people who just aren’t compatible with your needs.

Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for mediocre dating apps that will do little more than take up precious space on your mobile phone. We’ve compiled the very best 7 elite dating apps that are well worth trying out the next time you’re looking for new matches in your life. Whether you’re looking for a wealthy single in your high income bracket, a local friend-of-a-friend interested in meeting up for coffee, or a like-minded professional with a similar educational background, you’re sure to find an app that suits your needs in the list below.

#1: Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match is a dating app designed specifically for people with high-incomes who are seeking other wealthy singles with a similar income bracket. Although the dating app does not specifically advertise it as a sugar daddy app, since there is no income requirement to sign up, some people create accounts with the intention of finding wealthy singles who are interested in setting up a sugar baby type relationship. Users who sign up for the app can browse and search profiles, send messages, send “winks,” participate in forums, or even create video introductions for their profile.

millionaire match app


  • Income/wealth authentication for people who claim to be millionaires
  • Website authentication for factors such as photos, jobs, education level, and age with corresponding “verified” badge on profile
  • Match counselors to help you find matches or uncover reasons why you aren’t successful on the app
  • Pop up date ideas for creative dates
  • Forums for community participation
  • Advanced privacy settings to better control who can see your profile and message you


  • No video messaging system
  • Free/basic membership is very limited compared to paid memberships (which start at $70 for a 1-month subscription)
  • App design can be slow on some devices

Overall, Millionaire Match is an ideal dating app for people in wealthy income brackets who are interested in finding people with similar income levels or, in certain circumstances, who are open to a potential “sugar” relationship.

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#2: Elite Singles

Elite Singles is a unique dating app that stands out for its highly curated matching system. Unlike more basic dating apps, Elite Singles works by sending you matches based on compatibility, which is in turn based on an assessment inquiry which determines everything from your personality traits to your age, location, and even your job. When you’re sent matches, you can look through their profiles and contact them–or simply “favorite” their profile to look at later–in order to get in touch and possibly set up a date.

Elite Singles app


  • Accounts are verified by the site in order to reduce scamming and fake accounts
  • Unique personality profile assessment allows for great match compatibility detection
  • 3-7 unique matches sent to your account each day, with the ability to narrow matches to certain features or requirements (such as height, location, age, or even all three combined)
  • Ability to upload photos and view member photos
  • In-app messaging system for messaging other users without having to give away your phone
  • Blog with tips for improving your dating on the site


  • Inability to search for your own matches (you’re limited to the 3-7 sent to you per day) can be boring
  • Users tend to be 30-50, so geared towards a specific age group
  • Free accounts have very limited features
  • Lower location filter you can set is 30 miles—still a significant distance for most people

Overall, Elite Singles is an ideal dating app for older working professionals who are interested in making matches based on calculated compatibility matches that get sent to you, rather than matches you find yourself by constantly swiping the app or searching on your own.

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#3: Luxy

Luxy is a dating app designed for people in high-income brackets to find like-minded people with similar wealth. There is no minimum income requirement for Luxy, but at least 41% of the verified-income users earn $500,000 or more per year. Luxy is popular for its ability to find matches in different locations—making it ideal for travelers—as well as the authentication and anti-scam measures taken by the site’s operators to ensure that users are not tricked or scammed out of info or money.

Luxy app


  • Swipe left/swipe right function lets you like (or pass) on potential matches quickly and without revealing your identity
  • Advanced search measures let you filter by income, age, location, etc., for a wide range of results
  • In-app messaging system for contacting potential matches
  • In-app virtual gifts to indicate interest and flirt
  • Anti-scam measures to weed out people who provide false information or are attempting to scam or trick people out of their money
  • Income verification option for members who want to prove they are wealthy
  • Unique members vouch system lets genuine Luxy members “vouch” for new members to decide if they get to stay on the site


  • Free/basic members cannot do much on the site and are very limited
  • Membership fee starts at $58.88 per month
  • Vouch system can result in removal from the app

Overall, Luxy is ideal for singles interested in a wealth-based dating app that emphasizes income verification and selective membership based on who fits in and who doesn’t with the rest of the user base.

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#4: The League

The League is a unique dating app that requires people interested to either sign-up for a waiting list or have a friend already active on the site send them a user ticket that lets them jump to the front of the line. The League is notable—and perhaps, a bit controversial—for its selective screening process and its lengthy list of rules to ensure that members are active and genuinely interested in using the site. The League is primarily aimed at working professionals with college degrees, which make up more than 95% of its user base.

league app


  • Selective screening process ensures almost all users fit a certain dating bracket: working professionals with at least one college degree
  • Activity requirement ensures that users who do not participate on the app (and are thus unlikely to make meaningful matches and dates) are removed from the app
  • Swipe left/swipe right action for approving or declining your daily matches makes it easy and fun
  • Daily matches sent to your profile are based on an algorithm that analyzes the user’s professional, educational background, social media influence, age location, and other preferences to ensure optimum compatibility
  • Background checks on all users for increased security and safety, and a decrease in scammers and fake profiles
  • The app automatically removes all of your Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections from your potential match pool, so your friends, co-workers, boss or other professionals related to your career won’t end up seeing your dating profile


  • Limit of 5 matches a day can be frustrating
  • Your account will be dinged if you repeatedly reject matches or don’t talk to the people you match with, as this is considered being “flaky” to the app’s algorithm; which ups the pressure to swipe ‘yes’ even if you aren’t 100% into someone
  • If you don’t log in and participate daily, the number of matches you receive may go down
  • Most users tend towards their mid-20s to early-30s, so older users may fee left on the wayside

Overall, The League is ideal for working professionals who are willing to be active on a daily basis and who are interested in finding like-minded professionals with similar working, education and social backgrounds.

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#5: Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is a unique dating app that defies traditional dating site conventions by almost completely limiting your potential matches to people you know in real life, through the use of your Facebook contacts. Coffee Meets Bagel opts for matches from your friends-of-friends, or friends-of-friends-of-friends on Facebook, rather than pulling random matches from people you likely have no tangible connection to in real life. The concept behind Coffee Meets Bagel is to provide meaningful matches with a higher rate of communication and success through a pre-existing connection.

Coffee Meets Bagel app


  • Photo Lab features helps you pick out photos which will help you match more successfully
  • “Woo” flirt feature which lets people know you’re very interested
  • App provides matches to you each day based on set preferences
  • High number of female members, which is unusual for dating apps
  • Strong emphasis on developing relationships rather than hook-ups, which makes it ideal for people interested in long-term relationships and meaningful connections
  • In-app messaging system
  • Option for premium account with additional features; app was designed with basic accounts in mind, so basic accounts are not too limited in what they can do
  • App gives out free “points” for special features if you are an active user


  • The use of friends-of-friends on Facebook as matches has the potential to lead to awkward social moments, especially if you passed on a potential match and meet that person at a friend’s party or other social gathering
  • In-app messaging system has a time limit, which may be frustrating if you aren’t quick with messaging
  • The friends-of-friends match pool could potentially result in ex-dating partners or even old high school classmates showing up as potential matches
  • If you are looking for flings or quick hook-ups, you will not find many matches through this app

Overall, Coffee Meets Bagel is ideal for people who are interested in meeting singles on the perimeters of their social group in order to potentially make for more successful dates and potential relationships; and who are not afraid of the awkwardness that may come from passing on a match that you may see at the next friend’s holiday potluck.

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#6: Uniform Dating

Uniform Dating is a unique dating app designed for singles who work in professions that wear “the uniform”—meaning, in this case, people who work in law enforcement, the military, firefighting, the health industry, and other community service type positions. In addition to catering towards people in uniform through its app, Uniform Dating is notable for its looser rules and site functions, which are ideal for people who often work long, high-stress “uniform” jobs.

Uniform Dating app


  • User base is limited to people with “uniform” professions, which makes it ideal for people in those professions who specifically want to seek out like-minded people with a similar lifestyle
  • App registration is designed to be super fast to be in line with the fast-paced lifestyle of uniformed professionals–it can take as little as 60 seconds to register
  • Verified email requirement provides some added security
  • “Flirt” and “wink” buttons let you show interest to other users
  • Around 100,000 active users on the app every week
  • Free search filter lets you find potential matches quickly and easily
  • Match recommendations provided to you based on your profile and preferences
  • In-app live chat
  • In-app “inbox” messaging system


  • Free membership is limited to searching for users and sending a “flirt” or “wink”; messaging or chatting requires a paid account
  • You can’t search by location unless you have a paid account
  • App screen can be cluttered on certain pages
  • App is limited to Apple phones and is not available for Android systems—users will have to use the mobile site rather than the app
  • Lack of additional security features beyond email verification make it possible for people to provide fake info or fake photos

Overall, Uniform Dating is ideal for people “in uniform” who want to use an app specifically catered towards people who work in these chosen professions; however, because the app is not limited to people in uniform, they may have to wade through non-uniform matches to find the perfect potential date.

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#7: eHarmony

EHarmony is one of the most popular and well-known dating apps due to its large user base and its unique 29-point compatibility system. EHarmony uses a special “29 Dimensions of Compatibility” matching system to help provide users with compatible matches every day; these matches are based on the answers provided to the matching system. Users have the option to contact their matches in order to indicate interest and, from there, set up potential dates and other interactions.

eharmony app


  • Highly customizable options including who can see your profile and photos
  • Detailed “29 Dimensions of Compatibility” system allows for greater nuance in matches provided by EHarmony
  • Option for “guided communication” which will help guide you and your potential matches into learning more about one another
  • Customizable profile pages that are more akin to personal webpages/blogs than a regular dating app profile
  • ID verification helps reduce the amount of fake accounts and scammers
  • Designed for helping users find and make lasting meaningful relationships


  • No in-app video messaging or video integration
  • Limited number of matches provided each day can be frustrating
  • No search filter/function–all matches are provided by eHarmony
  • Can’t message other users or view user photos unless you have a paid membership
  • Free membership is extremely limited
  • Paid membership is expensive, around $60 per month for a 3-month subscription

Overall, eHarmony is ideal for people who want to use a mainstream dating app that is based on an extensive compatibility feature that provides them with daily matches based on those preferences, rather than relying on personal searches and browsing of a search filter.

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Final Thoughts

There are countless dating apps out there, but only a few can truly be called elite singles dating apps—those special apps that are notable through their unique features, selective membership, exclusive income brackets, and other criteria that truly set them above the rest.

If you are looking for a new dating app but are worried about slogging through poor quality apps with mostly fake profiles or users who just don’t fit your idea of a good match, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by any of the elite dating apps we’ve listed above. Although most of them do required a paid membership in order to use most of the useful features of the app, the cost is well worth it when you consider the exclusivity that comes with paying a premium each month in order to find dating matches. And, in the end, can anyone truly say the price isn’t worth it when the end result is a meaningful relationship? We hope you’ll give any of the above excellent dating apps a try in the near future. Have fun—and good luck!